October Extras 2: I Come In Peace (1990)

OCTOBER 4, 2008


18 years ago, I was over at my friend’s house, and his parents said they wanted to see Ghost. We could either join them, or see something else that started around the same time. Our only choice was I Come In Peace, a film neither of us had heard of. But we were promised an R rating, so off we went.

And I still have my ticket stub!

Not only is it possibly the pinnacle in Dolph Lundgren’s career, I Come In Peace is simply an awesome movie in pretty much every way. It’s from 1990, but few films define the 80s as well as this one. You get pretty much every generic action movie plot (revenge for partner killed, mismatched partners, drug dealers, and for the hell of it, aliens) rolled into one, and all the usual plot devices (cop being taken off the case, girlfriend who is sick of the hero’s lack of commitment, etc.) to boot. But through it all, the plot is actually pretty original – an alien drug dealer (!!!) has come “in peace” to Earth, in order to extract endorphins from human beings and mix them with heroin, which creates an incredibly potent drug that he will presumably sell on his homeworld to alien crackheads. There’s also a good alien out to stop him.

Dolph, of course, is the cop. He teams up with Brian Benben (then sort of popular due to Dream On; I recall the audience cheering with laughter when he was first introduced), making it one of the few white/white buddy cop combos as well. Dolph even has his hair dyed black (leftover from The Punisher), so they don’t even have different hair colors. But Dolph is of course, a supercop who plays by his own rules, and Benben is a bureaucratic nebbish who wears a suit and won’t drink on the job. But even this is played against type; instead of the usual messy apartment with pizza boxes lying all around, Dolph’s apartment is pretty ritzy, and he has vintage wine to offer. We never see Benben’s place though, but maybe his was a shithole, to offer another difference.

I also love how the drug dealers in the movie are presented as white collar yuppies. They have a boardroom and everything. Dolph infiltrates their headquarters by setting off their car alarms, which sends them all into a panic. Then the head dealer guy (played by Bernard from Lost!) bemoans how his partner had to fly coach on a recent flight to Rio. Hahaha, awesome.

Speaking of Rio, he’s there because he killed Dolph’s partner (Dolph got distracted by a liquor store robbery, a scenario sort of lifted by Seagal in Out For Justice). And he’s still there at the end. The dead partner turns out be a Macguffin, a rarity in a B-movie like this. However, at the end of the film Dolph suggests they vacation in Rio, so maybe I Also Come In Peace will just be about that, without any alien shit whatsoever.

And of course – the weapon: KILLER CDS! When I was 10 I had no appreciation for the foreshadowing in the first scene, in which a yuppie fiddling with his CD player is “attacked” by an overzealous eject CD button (as a kid I was just mesmerized by the idea of a CD player in the car; I don’t think the family car even had a tape deck at this point). It doesn’t get used much in the film, but when it does, oh man. Has there ever been a more awesome weapon in a movie? It even got ripped off in the game Revolution X.

Speaking of music (sort of), there is a rap song in the film that I fucking love, and would kill to find. It’s on the walkman of one of the alien’s victims. Some sample lyrics: “She’s an ugly woman, and this is the truth!” and “She’s the queen of Halloween!”. If anyone has this song on Mp3, you are to send it to me at once or risk... well, there’s not much I can do.

One last thing I must mention, because someone will bitch if I don’t – the film’s final exchange between the alien and the Dolph. For the final time, the alien says “I come in peace!” (which is all he ever says in the movie; though the other alien seems to have a pretty good grasp on the English language), and Dolph, after loading up the cool-ass alien gun (not the CD one though; which would have been more awesome but lacked an explosion), replies “And you go in pieces, asshole.” It’s the “asshole” that really sells it, but in theaters it was hard to hear because everyone was already cheering and laughing from the first part of the line. But if you think about the greatest one-liners of the type in history, they are all punctuated by profanity: “Smile you son of a bitch.” “Get away from her you bitch!” “Yippie Ki Yay mother fucker!”, etc. Dolph just happened to have one that was awesome even without it.

You may have noticed that the film was watched on VHS. That’s because it was never released on DVD. Anchor Bay/Elite put out a widescreen VHS tape in the late 90s, but that’s not the one I have. Nope, I got the old school MEDIA tape (which I had to rewind today – it was charming in an annoying way). Hilariously, it starts with a little text PSA asking you to service your VCR twice a year. Since I was using the VCR for I think the first time since the last time I watched the movie 3-4 years ago, I guess that’s one suggestion I have neglected to follow.

What say you?


  1. I too have my ticket stub to this wonderful jem.

  2. The song you are talking about is called "Ugly", and it is by The U-Krew. I remember that song too, even though I haven't seen the movie in years.

  3. as soon as i read the words "alien crackheads" i knew i had to get this movie
    ...i'm looking for it now

  4. 've just found the dvd of this to add to my LoveFilm list - but t comes under the title of Dark Angel.
    You can buy it from Amazon UK here

    Just in case you can play region 2 discs

  5. IMO this would make a great double-feature with 1982's Liquid Sky, as it's got basically the same plot except withe Anne Carlisle in the Dolph Lungren role and instead of a cop she's an underground fashion model.

    Liquid Sky also has a very memorable song going for it too--"Me And My Rhythm Box." Youtube it, you won't be sorry. Or maybe you will...


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