The Witches' Mountain

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007


What is it about the movies that involve cults on the Chilling Classics set that make me like them even though they are technically awful? The Witches’ Mountain is no exception: it’s poorly photographed, seemingly on pause most of the time, and doesn’t make a lick of sense, yet I remain compelled by its non-narrative and heartily recommend it, same as I did for Crypt Of The Living Dead and Devil’s Hand.

A big part of the attraction here is the soundtrack. It’s.... wow. Let’s see, there’s one composition that sounds better suited for the music that would play over an opening credits sequence of someone driving along the California coast, yet it plays over a scene of a woman finding a cat stabbed to death in her bed. Then there’s a lot of chanting stuff, apropos of what is going on in the scene. And then near the end there’s something that could only be described as the Mexican Choir version of ELO’s "Eldorado".

What any of that has to do with horror, well your guess is as good as mine. It’s not so much a horror movie as it is a “Guy takes pictures on a mountain while his girlfriend drinks tea with an old woman” movie. But she’s a damn fine looking woman, as is ex-wife, who appears in one scene in the beginning that is so far removed from the rest of the film, one has no other option than to believe that she will be part of a “twist” at the end.

The end of the film is just as laid back as everything else. After developing his photos and seeing people in them that weren’t there when he took the shot (there’s even one picture he took in which he himself appears – yet this doesn’t really seem to startle him), he tells his girlfriend they have to leave, at which point some poorly photographed scenes of people carrying green flames begin, resulting in a bunch of woman literally throwing themselves on him and his girlfriend takes a cliff dive. The final shot of the film involves what looks like a colander attached to a medieval speak n spell, and damned if I have any idea what the fuck it’s supposed to mean.

But I liked it. Hell I almost wanted to watch it again. How can you not like a movie that includes a casting credit that reads “With the special collaboration of John Smith” (not the actual name – I didn’t write it down in my notes). That’s WAY better than “Special Appearance by” or “Guest starring”. Plus it has a chick who looks like Eva Longoria blowing up a snake or something.

I really don’t have a goddamn clue what is going on here. But maybe that’s how it ended up on the same disc as Bad Taste (!!!) and Deep Red (!!!!!!), two actual, legitimate, GOOD movies that the Creek somehow got their hands on. It deserves to be among giants.

What say you?


  1. Hmmm, I had exactly the opposite reaction to this one--apart from the opening scene with the ex-wife murdering the little girl so that she and her ex can be together (!!!), the rest of the flick was like somebody hit the snooze button, only to wake up in the last minute and a half. I was completely bored and uninvolved the whole way through.

    Though it has to be said, the protagonist in this has one of the most magnificent mustaches ever committed to film.

  2. The main guy, Mario I think, made the movie for me. Super sweet handle bar mustache, huge wide upen collar exposing a jungle of chesthair and the fucker smoked about 8 cigarettes in the first 5 minutes! The guy is practically lighting his new smoke off the old one.
    In all honesty I fell asleep half way, but I don't dread watching it again to catch the finale.

  3. Something seemed to be cut from the print I watched. When we first see the big muscle guy in chains, he's wearing what looks like a medieval chastity belt. One of the witches takes out a key to unlock it and the other has a cup, it looks like for all the world they're gonna milk him, but for what reason? Artificial insemination? Ritual purposes? At the point the witch takes out the key my print cuts and goes dark for several seconds and then picks up again in a totally different scene. The last shot in the film shows the witch with the chastity belt, implying our mustachioed hero is the new cow. I'd really like to know why witches are kidnapping men and milking their sperm. But I actually enjoyed this film a lot. It's surreal and dreamlike.


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