Audrey Rose

MAY 11, 2007


The plot description of Audrey Rose mentioned the occult, but it has nothing to do with the occult at all. I should sue Flix for lying to me!! They also had the running time wrong. In fact I knew nothing about the film other than it being mentioned in Fangoria because the girl in the lead was in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (and hasn't appeared in a damn thing since). But a quick check of the IMDb confirms that it IS indeed considered a horror movie, so it's good enough for me.

The movie begins as all movies should: with the immolation of a small child. Then we have a few scenes of Anthony Hopkins apparently stalking a family. But then it slooooooooooooooows down to a crawl as we are treated with scene after scene of Hopkins being creepy and Marsha Mason panicking. Though I must say, it's weird seeing Anthony Hopkins with dark hair. He also has a beard, but much like the horror elements, it vanishes pretty quickly.

There are some truly bizarre edits in this film too. At one point, we see the aftermath of a car accident of some sort involving Mason, but it's never really explained, it's just a plot device to make her late for picking up her daughter. Huh? Why wreck a car and hire a bunch of extras and such and then not even show the accident? Especially when the rest of the movie is just folks talking, except for a weird scene where a group of girls in Catholic school make a giant snowman and light a bonfire around it. I went to Catholic school. We weren't allowed to make even a small fire, let alone a giant bonfire. Nor could we make snowmen. Mostly we just sort of made fun of each other's ties.

It's not a bad film, but I was expecting the occult to show up. I like the occult. I also like The Cult.

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