Merry Christmas! (Shitter's Full)

Hey folks! I swear I'm not dead! I'm just very very busy as of late. We had some cutbacks at my day job which has dramatically increased how much I have to do (yes, this is what made me quit doing the site every day in the first place - now it's worse!), and it's not only wiped my free time but also my brain. It takes me 6-7 hours to write my Collins' Crypt articles now (often over a period of 2-3 days) because I'm so exhausted and end up spending chunks of time rewriting it because it didn't make any sense. So, along with the lack of any new horror releases that would inspire me (Krampus being the obvious exception), it's been quieter than I'd like.

You may also wonder why you can't make up for it by reading the HMAD book that was promised by Christmas. Well, that one's out of my hands - I was maybe a bit late in delivering my draft to the editor, but she had to do a ton of other, more pressing work (a lot of it related to that space movie you're probably sitting in a theater waiting for as you read this) that left her unable to give it the time it'd require to have it out by now. So it won't be out until February (I hope!), and I apologize for that as well, though believe me no one is more disappointed or frustrated by the delay than me. I just hope you guys are still interested by the time it sees the light of day.

Now for good news! If I have to inject myself with Red Bull to do it so be it - starting in 2016 I will be updating at LEAST once a week, no exceptions. I realize that almost all of the reviews I posted this year were of theatrical or festival releases, and that will change - I'll go back to reviewing DTV junk, random indies, older stuff, etc. Obviously part of that is to make sure the site is still active enough to remind you about the book, but also I need the practice - I'm getting rusty when it comes to reviewing (something I don't really do for Crypts, which are more essay-driven). I actually almost met this quota for 2015 (50 reviews for 52 weeks), but they were erratic - a lot in October, as always, but then only two since. I want a bit more consistency; I might even try to always post them on the same day each week so that I can be sure to stay on top of it and also give you guys something to look forward to every ____ (leaning toward Thursday). This was always the plan once I finished the book (at least, my part of it), but the work layoffs derailed it and it's only just now starting to stabilize again. I COULD start now but a. the movie I picked to start was so bad I couldn't finish it and b. I figure I might as well wait until the New Year since a lot of folks are probably out of work for the rest of the year and office drones are my bread and butter. Plus January has a few horror releases that I would have reviewed anyway so that'll be a good way to get my butt in gear before I start settling for anonymous junk.

So enjoy your holiday, and don't forget me just yet - 2016 will be the most "active" the site's been since I stopped the daily part of it!


  1. Gotdam if that ain't a big effort for something we get for free...bless your heart for keeping the dream alive! Ive read almost every page here, and you've helped keep my horror knowledge up to date. Love your writing and I can't wait for what's next! Thanks!!!!!

  2. I'm totally looking forward to weekly-ish reviews for the new year, and have had your book on my wish list since you announced that it was in the works! Can't wait :). And thank you for all your hard work- it is definitely appreciated!

  3. What's the movie you couldn't finish?

  4. Exciting! I've always enjoyed the shitty DTV reviews a lot, even though it means you had to sit through a piece of shit godawful movie. Guess I'm just sadistic that way.

  5. You keep my feedly interesting :)

  6. Since you've been mentioning of late how becoming a parent has affected your horror viewing (not in terms of quality, but emotionally), I was curious if you've seen the D-grade thriller THE TORTURED and what your opinion of it is. It isn't really any good honestly, but mainly because they dropped the ball on an otherwise decent premise - worth checking out, sort of.


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