HMAD Screening: CHILD'S PLAY 2

Those who came to last month's HMAD screening of The Exorcist III were treated to a pretty great Q&A with Brad Dourif, and it wouldn't have been possible without the assistance of Don Mancini, who has written just about every single thing Dourif has ever said as Chucky the killer doll. I knew they obviously kept in touch, so he was the one who connected us - something that might not have happened if the Child's Play's weren't an anomaly compared to the other big horror franchises. As you're probably aware, it's pretty rare for one writer to stick around for an entire series, and it's even more impressive when you consider that the films have each had their own unique flavor and run the gamut from straight horror to camp comedy.

Incidentally, I've been planning on doing one of the Child's Play sequels for a while now; we did the first film a couple years back and it was one of the biggest crowds I've had. And I figure it makes no sense to skip around*, so while I was talking to Don about getting Brad out, I mentioned my desire to show Child's Play 2, and he was up for it! Thus, I'm happy to announce that on February 22nd we will be showing the film in glorious 35mm! This is actually the only one of the first five films I have yet to watch in a proper theater (I've seen it on 16mm, however!), so I'm stoked to check it off on my "35mm Bucket List" (sadly, Curse of Chucky, the surprisingly great newest entry, was basically released direct to disc and thus only has digital versions available for theatrical exhibition at this time). And it's got a ton of kills and the awesome finale in the Good Guy factory, so it should make for a stellar midnight screening!

As a bonus, Mr. Mancini will be on hand for pre-movie Q&A, and he's bringing director John Lafia along with him (we're working on a cast member or two to sweeten the deal)! Lafia will be one of the few directors we've gotten to have for a HMAD show, so I'm pretty stoked. And since Don has been involved with every entry in the series (in addition to writing them all, he also directed the last two installments), he should have a ton of great stories and be able to answer any question you or I throw at him (like: how did Chucky come back to life in Seed?). Plus, as always I'll have some DVDs to give out for easy trivia questions, and you get the pleasure of the cheapest concessions in town. The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles (90036), just two blocks west of La Brea. Tickets are a mere 8 bucks and can be bought at the door (cash or card) or in advance at BrownPaperTickets. It all goes down at 11:59pm on Saturday, February 22nd - I'll see you there!

A midnight show is more fun when the place is packed with fans, so please spread the word! The great Jacopo Tenani designed a great poster for the event - no sense restricting it to just this one site! Feel free to post it on your own blogs/Facebook/Twitter/etc - just be sure to credit him! Much appreciated!!!

*I know some folks have asked about Bride of Chucky, which would indeed be awesome to show - but unfortunately the 35mm prints were destroyed in the Universal fire a few years back. Hopefully they'll strike another someday.


  1. I refuse to miss this one. Coming all the way from Utah to see it, because it had a big(mostly negative, somewhat positive) effect on me in my formative years.

    1. Okay, first off, great fun, many props. Second, the New Bev was tinier than I had pictured. Third, those concessions were REALLY FUCKING CHEAP I mean Jesus. Lastly, I'm glad I got my question in.


  2. I really hope I can come but most likely not with the costs of airfare and lodging. I wish I still lived in California.

  3. mabye alex vincent will been there he is in child play 2

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