Insidious 2 review

Folks were asking for my Conjuring review over the summer, and I've learned my lesson! Head on over to BadassDigest for my thoughts on Wan's OTHER haunted house movie this year, which I quite liked but with some reservations and concern as to how it will play to others who want more of the same. 

Also, speaking of writing for others, I'll also be increasing my output at Fangoria, so keep an eye over there for more BC-ness than ever before! That said, with Fantastic Fest and other stuff starting soon, things will be even quieter here than it has been, unfortunately. I truly do intend to update the site 2-3 times a week, but it's not always possible as I need to fulfill my obligations to the other sites first and foremost, since they pay me to do that. The important thing is that I'm not totally MIA - you just have to go to other sites to find me! And those have black text on white instead of the other way around, so you won't get a headache! Win-win!

And happy Friday the 13th!  

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  1. We know that Wan can do better, so to see him settle for something that's not really scary, and more funny, is a bit disappointing. Nice review.

  2. Yeah, we KNOW he can do scary. So it's good that he's going outside of his comfort zone and trying other stuff. He's not "settling", he's expanding. It's a good thing.

  3. I don't know what people want. It's insane. Insidious 2 was a good continuation of the first Insidious. It had the same feel and spirit. Was it scary? I think it had it's moments, but that's all subjective. Did I get an Insidious movie that I paid to see? Yes.


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