The Conjuring review

Hey folks, a couple people have asked for my review of The Conjuring - I wrote it up for Badass Digest when I saw it at the LA Film Festival a month before it opened. So you can read it HERE! I meant to link it at the time but forgot. In short: it's real good! But since it's already made like 80 million dollars I'm guessing you know that by now. My bad.


  1. I'm lat eon even writing it up, so better to be early and forget to link it... I guess. Anyway, I came across your site and wanted to let you know it's awesome, and I'm adding you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work -- even a hardcore fan like me can't squeeze in a movie a day... whew!

    The Queen of Scream

  2. Is it better than Insidious?

  3. minor and major(?) spoilers:

    Thanks for posting this, BC! My main issue with the movie was the body count. Can you think of another movie with this big a cast (I counted 12 main characters) that had a similar death count? The Annabelle opening was awesome, there were a couple of good jumps/concepts throughout but overall I was really disappointed.

    And what was the point of the daughter/grandma sequence? How did that connect to the main haunting? Seemed unnecessary.

  4. I dismissed this film as soon as I heard Lorraine Warren's name mentioned. She's a fraud and a fruitcake.

  5. I saw this today and have to say I'm a bit disappointed. The actors were great, the characters likeable and a couple of the scare scenes were pretty cool (not as many as I hoped). The story on the other hand was too conventional for me. Like a big best of haunted house films. You pretty much saw the whole movie a couple times already and I hoped they would shake things up a little (like they did with Insidious) but that never happened.
    It's a good film but I think it's a bit overrated. Or maybe my expectations were too high after all the rave reviews.


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